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And we can't have that conversation without students and young people.

Our education system was built over 100 years ago for an emerging industrial society. This  system adopted the assembly-line mindset of industrial megacorporations: standardize everything to produce as much as possible for as little as possible. The vast majority of work available to your average American during this time was repetitive and relatively menial. This system is working very well for what it was intended to do: produce as many obedient, predictable factory workers as possible. Well if you haven't noticed, robots are not only much better at simple and repetitive tasks than humans, but they also don't organize for better pay. And on top of that, preparing students for the workforce just isn't enough anymore. In this face paced modern world, we need to provide our children the tools they need to thrive in their society, democracy and economy. We need real structural change to prepare future generations for this rapidly changing world, and the youth of today need to lead that change.

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